The Ultimate Guide For Kitchen Rugs

The kitchen is much more than just where you cook everyday meals or making morning coffee. The kitchen is where a family’s magic happens, where everyone gathers up, spending time together, and making good memories. A kitchen design shall be cozy and comfortable, and the item that can pull every other accessory together is your kitchen rugs. Whether you’re having a wood floor or tiles, a kitchen rug always comes in handy.

Kitchen rugs will help with noise reduction, keeping your kitchen floor nice and neat and provide comfort to your feet during wintertime. But have you got every piece of information about this essential item? Come right in, we have a lot more for you! From the main features you should look for in the kitchen rugs, how to clean and maintain your rugs, we’ve got them all.

Guide For Kitchen Rugs

Main Features Your Kitchen Rugs Should Have

Match your kitchen rugs with your house aesthetics

Do you have a cozy or modern kitchen decor? Do they come with a neutral tone or retro vibe? Ask yourself those questions before making the decision to buy kitchen rugs. Those rugs shall blend into the entire kitchen aesthetics perfectly without creating any discomfort. Your kitchen size will also determine your kitchen rug sizes; you won’t want the rug to overwhelm your kitchen floor while also don’t want it to be too small. First, have a look around your kitchen, count all spaces, and then visualize the size of the rugs you’ll want to buy.

Our small tip to match your kitchen’s color is to search for some color palette online to see what color will make it. This will save you so much time later since supermarkets and even online stores will flood with thousands of color options.

Choose the right material

After getting the size and color, it’s time to select the material. Whatever you’re into, we highly suggest getting the durable ones. In the long run, the most durable ones will stay with you for a long time while still looking fresh. With a wooden floor, it’s better to have a flat weave cotton fiber, and those are even more essential if you have pets. With tiles, you’ll want something more comfortable and quite plush. So wool kitchen rugs will be absolutely lovely.


When it comes to the most critical features, we must press it on the non-slip kitchen rugs. It’s exceptionally vital and extra safe to have the kitchen rugs that won’t slide around the floor. This particular feature will protect your kitchen floor and keep you from falling or twisting your ankles. So it’s a must to ensure your kitchen mat has a non-slip back.

Best Ways To Clean Kitchen Rugs

Not every kitchen rug can be put in the washer and come out nice and clean. With non-slip or flat weave mats, you’ll have to clean them yourself. But before we jump on how to clean them properly, we suggest having around 2 or 3 kitchen rugs in storage, so you always have one on the kitchen floor while the other is cleaned.

With kitchen rugs, you’ll want to vacuum them regularly. First, vacuum the upper of your carpets to get rid of most dirt or hair on the surface. Then you’ll want to flip it and vacuum the other side to really suck out all the soil beneath. Then it’s all done on a daily basis.

Change your rugs after a week of using, this shall be the right time to clean them thoroughly. You’ll need some cold water (do not use hot water since your rugs might shrink) and soap. Shove them into a soapy water bucket, then you can take it out and gently scrub all debris off. Rinse them thoroughly with clear water and let them dry. You can also use the wet vacuum to make the drying process much faster. And simple as that, your favorite kitchen rugs are now good to go.


5 Things To Consider When Find The Best Kitchen Rugs

The kitchen is one of the best places in every house, and we cannot stop pressing the message of keeping as hygiene and neat as possible. And in your beautiful kitchen, the best kitchen rug not only has the decorative purpose but also helps keep kitchen safety. To make your time in the kitchen much more enjoyable and sparkling clean, you must have some of the best kitchen rugs. But how to choose them? With these 5 best tips for finding the best kitchen rugs, you can choose yours with ease. And just in case you need some reference, see the top 14 best kitchen rugs this year!

The Best Kitchen Rugs

Size does matter!

A small rug is just a tiny towel, and they won’t do much with the cleaning that you need for your kitchen. That’s why you must make sure that you’re getting the right size rug. We highly suggest going big with these matt, or you’ll be disappointed and end up getting a bigger one later. Measure out the size of your kitchen cabinet, especially the space right in front of your sink and your prep stage. Those are places where water drops and small pieces of excess food run around, and you have the most chance of falling over. Understand your habit, get to know your kitchen sizes, that’s how you choose the right size and the best kitchen rugs.

Besides sizes, the shape is also another element that you must pay attention to. We suggest choosing rectangular or square shape rugs instead of round ones. They will cover a while larger space and can get close to the outer line of your cabinet. Trust us, they will make it much easier when it comes to cleaning.

All about the material!

When it comes to material, you’ll have a whole wide world to choose from. Some of the best kitchen rugs are made from cotton, polyesters, weave, or even wool. But before jumping to any rugs material, make sure that they’re anti slippage and absorb liquid well. Those are the most essential features that you should look for in a rug’s material.

Polyester is one of the most famous materials and might be the easiest to find on the market. They’re cheap, versatile, and can do the job perfectly.

Flatweave is also a considerable material when it comes to kitchen rugs. They’re soft, beautiful, and absorb water really well. Cleaning them is also easy with a quick few seconds, and all are good to go.

Wool is a gorgeous material, but we don’t recommend them as much since they’ll be better as a carpet than a kitchen rug. Wool rugs are expensive as well, and it’ll take quite an effort to clean them properly.

When choosing your rug’s material, make a couple more of a look into summer and winter materials. In the cold days, you’ll want to have warm and cozy rugs to match the house aesthetics and avoid getting cold feet while doing the dishes. Meanwhile, during summertime, materials like cotton, poly, or seagrass will be better in soaking up excess water and making the house seem breezy and summery.

Cleaning ability! We go with easy ones.

All the cooking, washing dishes, or feeding pets make the messes on the kitchen floor inevitable. That’s why your kitchen rugs always catch up in dirt extra comfortably and trust us, you won’t be happy spending hours trying to scrub the dirt of your favorite rugs. Make sure that your rugs are easy to clean. In the market, they are now packed with dirt-proof kitchen rugs. Those will be a little bit more pricey and worth a try since they will save you so much time that might surprise you.

With easy clean kitchen rugs, they should be either machine-washable or can be cleaned in a blink of an eye with a water hose and a little soapy water. But we highly suggest using machine-washable rugs for a time-saving and care-free experience.

Safety is important

Every year, thousands of people fall over slippery rugs and cause themself ankle twists, back injuries, or at least some bruises. To avoid these unwanted incidents, an anti-slippage is extremely important. Elderly and children are the easiest to get into accidents with those rugs, so to keep your family safe and sound, it’s best to get the best kitchen rugs with non-slip back. We know no one wants to get extremely sorry just because of a carpet, so the better product you purchase, the safer your family is. Choose your rugs wisely, ladies and gents.